How To Get All The Benefits
Of An Online Business

(Without Having To Build It Yourself)


Results shown are not typical. See the earnings disclosure here.

A Few Of Our Many Success Stories

Chris and Susan Beesley,
from the U.K.

Before Turnkey Business System, Chris and Susan were accountants and management consultants working 6 to 7 days per week, 10 to 12 hours per day.

In 2008, their pensions were wiped out and they started looking for an online business to build a nest egg for retirement.

After looking at several systems, they chose ours, and have earned over $200,000 to date, while having more time to travel and enjoy life.

Nick Pratt

Nick Pratt is a 29-year-old man who found himself burned out and disillusioned with the corporate world by his mid 20s. His search for a freedom business led him to us, and he immediately saw the value in our high-ticket sales system.

He made the decision to join, and has earned over $250,000 to date!

Tony Ashbolt

Tony Ashbolt is a successful tax and wealth management consultant for high-earning clients in the U.K. After 11 years of long days, and over 154,000 miles driven to sales meetings, Tony had a health scare and realized he needed to change his lifestyle.

He found our company, and after going through our training programs, he created two online funnels to generate pre-qualified leads.

Since making these changes, his sales conversions have more than TRIPLED and now he doesn’t have to leave his office to make presentations – his clients come to him! Using automation, Tony’s business is now operating at the multiple 7-figure level, and he has gotten back his health and free time.

So, even though Tony doesn’t refer leads to us, he used our training materials to go from high 6-figures to multiple 7-figures in his existing business.

Kent Maerki

Kent Maerki is a 73-year old resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, who worked for over 50 years as an accountant and investment banker and raised over $3 billion capitalizing several emerging companies.

Recently, Kent discovered internet marketing and started looking for a company to leverage.

He found Turnkey Business, and liked the income potential, the sales system, and the idea of trading his 100-hour weeks for part-time hours. He recently signed up and we’re excited to work with him.

Ernest Lim

Ernest Lim grew up in Singapore, but now lives in Australia with his wife and two children. After his second child was born, Ernest needed to find another source of income because his job as an engineer at a printing company wasn’t enough to support his family.

His search led him to Turnkey Business, which he describes as a “well-engineered car with a powerful engine.”

Fast forward to today, and Ernest has earned over $120,000 to date!

Disclaimer: These examples are extraordinary results. Your results will vary depending on the leads you refer. See our Income Disclosure for typical results.